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In theoretical physics, quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is the theory of strong interactions, a fundamental force describing the interactions between quarks and gluons ...

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Quarks and gluons exist only in groups (in the "low" temperature realm below 10 12 K). meson: quark-antiquark pair (qq̅) hadron: quark triplet (qqq)

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Quantum chromodynamics (QCD), in physics, the theory that describes the action of the strong force. QCD was constructed in analogy to quantum electrodynamics (QED ...

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Quantum chromodynamics is the study of the SU(3) Yang-Mills theory of color-charged fermions (the quarks

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quantum chromodynamics A quantum field theory of the strong force that explains the interaction between particles with color charge, such as quarks and gluons.

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quantum chromodynamics , quantum field theory that describes the properties of the strong interactions between quarks and between protons and

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Quantum Chromodynamics John Christie & Jude Rowe Santa Rosa Junior College Physics 43 Spring 2009 What we will be discussing A Brief History of QCD What is QCD?

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quantum chromodynamics (QCD), quantum field theory quantum field theory, study of the quantum mechanical interaction of elementary particles and fields.

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The Quantum Quark is a close look at quantum chromodynamics that does not require an extensive mathematics or physics background of the reader.