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The Reichswehr (English: Reich Defence) formed the military organization of Germany from 1919 until 1935, when it was united with the newly founded Wehrmacht ...

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noun 1. the 100,000-man army Germany was permitted to maintain under the Versailles Treaty after World War I: the limit was secretly exceeded.

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Black Reichswehr (German: Schwarze Reichswehr) was the name for the illegal paramilitary formations promoted by the German Reichswehr army during the time of the ...

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Reichswehr - The Armed Forces 1918-1935 by Jason Pipes The period between the end of World War I in 1918 and the rise of the Third Reich in 1933 was a time of ...

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Reichswehr f ‎(genitive Reichswehr, no plural) name of the German army between 1918 and 1935. Related terms . Bundeswehr; Wehrmacht; wehren; Reich;

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Photo: Prussian Reichswehr soldiers stand guard at a military base in Germany. Their helmets bear the black and white shield of ...

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Reichswehr soldiers in a military exercise, September 1930. The military refused to accept the democratic Weimar republic as legitimate and instead the Reichswehr ...

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Reichswehr & Freikorps is a two-player (Soviet versus German) strategic level game, designed by Brian Train and Ty Bomba. The game includes 176 large-sized die-cut ...

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Reichswehr was the name of the German military from 1921 to 1935. During these years, their number was severely restricted by the Treaty of Versailles.

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Reichswehr is the name of the armed forces of Deutschland, under the control of Kaiser Martens and his close advisor, General Von Sassmanshausen.