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The War in the Vendée (1793 to 1796; French: Guerre de Vendée) was an uprising in the Vendée region of France during the French Revolution. The Vendée is a ...

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The Vendée was a province in western France - and the epicentre of the largest counter-revolutionary uprising of the French Revolution.

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War of the Vendee Trailer, French revolution, matrix of the future genocides : Vendée, 1793, ♫ 1899 - Debout les Gâs ♪, Counterrevolution, French Revolution Day ...

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French Revolution: 1789: Kingdom of the French: 1791–1792: First Republic: 1792–1804 • National Convention: 1792–1795 • Directory: 1795–1799 • Consulate

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Revolt in the Vendée (counter-revolt to the French Revolution) Puy du Fou (a historical theme park) Vendée Globe; Julien Le Blant; References Edit

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