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The Rogozen Treasure (Bulgarian: Рогозенско съкровище), called the find of the century, was discovered by chance in 1985 by a tractor driver ...

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Rogozen is a village in North West Bulgaria, famous for being the home of the 'Rogozen Treasure.' Rogozen Treasures has been built for expats by expats and offers a ...

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This treasure was discovered accidentally in the autumn of 1985 in Rogozen village, Vratsa region. The overall number of the vessels amounted to 165 (1 golden and 164 ...

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Rogozen Treasure is available in 5 languages. Return to Rogozen Treasure. Languages. български; Deutsch; español; português; русский

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The Borovo Treasure, also known as the Borovo Silver Treasure, is a Thracian. [1] [2] ... Rogozen Treasure; Valchitran Treasure; Lukovit Treasure; References

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The Rogozen collection is the richest Thracian treasure found so far. Unearthed in the period 1985 - 1986, it consists of as many as 108 phialae, 54 small jugs and 3 ...

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Rogozen treasure. The village of Rogozen is situated 43 kilometers to the north from the city of Vratsa, in the middle of the Danube Valley, between the rivers Ogosta ...

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If you are interested in viewing any or all of the properties advertised on Rogozen Treasures then we can offer accommodation.

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The Rogozen Treasure is a hoard of ancient silver unearthed by a Bulgarian tractor driver in 1985.