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Rollo (c. 846 – c. 932), known as Ganger-Hrólf (or as Göngu Hrólfr in the Old Norse language), [1] [2] [3] and baptised Robert, was a Viking who became the first ...

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Duke of Normandy was the title given to the rulers of the Duchy of Normandy in northwestern France, a fief created in AD 911 by King Charles III "the Simple" of ...

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Rollo of Normandy (860–932 ?) was the founder and first ruler of the Viking principality in what soon became known as Normandy in modern-day western France.

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Rollo "of Normandy" Princeps Nortmannorum (Leader of the Normans [of Rouen]), d. 928×933. Although he is often referred to as the first duke of Normandy, that title ...

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This profile of Rollo of Normandy is part of Who's Who in Medieval History A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Rollo of Normandy was also ...

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Rollo, also called Rolf or Rou, French Rollon, Old Norse Hrólfr (born c. 860—died c. 932), Scandinavian rover who founded the duchy of Normandy.

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Rollo (c. 846 –c. 928), also called Rolf (Hrolf) was a Viking leader. In 911 he was given lands around Rouen by the Frankish king Charles III the simple.

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Depictions in fiction. Rollo is the subject of the 17th Century play Rollo Duke of Normandy written by John Fletcher, Philip Massinger, Ben Jonson, and George Chapman.

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Rollo, Duke Of Normandy b. 846 d. 931: One Big Family Tree one big family tree where our roots run deep: First Name: Last Name: Maiden Married [Advanced Search ...

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Rollo and the Viking Age, History Channel: Vikings Fury From the North (Rollo Extract of Hrolf Ragnvaldsson), The Conquerors - William the Conqueror, Vikings season 3 ...