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The Romani (also spelled Romany; / ˈ r oʊ m ə n i /, / ˈ r ɒ-/), or Roma, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group living mostly in Europe and the Americas ...

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The Romani people, also referred to depending on the sub-group as Roma, Sinti or Sindhi, Kale, or Romani, are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group, who live primarily in Europe.

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Their names are as mysterious as their origins: Often called the Roma or the Romani people, they're also known as gitanos in Spain, Kale in Finland and Portugal ...

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The Roma people (singular Rom; sometimes Rroma, Rrom), often referred to as gypsies, are a heterogeneous ethnic group who live primarily in Southern and Eastern ...

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When putting together a Right On episode for Euronews on the Roma community I actually realised that there is a lot of confusion about exactly who the Roma people are.

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History of the Roma People. Genetic findings in 2012 suggest they originated in northwest India and migrated as a group. According to a genetic study in 2012, the ...

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News about Romani People. Commentary and archival information about Romani People from The New York Times.

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Once again Roma people are in the news and, as ever, they are the focus of prejudice and vilification. The most recent story surrounds alleged child abduction in ...

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The ancestors of the Romani people, Europe's largest minority, left India in one fell swoop 1,500 years ago.