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The Roman emperor was the ruler of the Roman State during the imperial period (starting in 27 BC). The emperors used a variety of different titles throughout history.

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List of Roman Emperors! Visit the Romans site for interesting history, facts and information about life in Ancient Rome including List of Roman Emperors. History ...

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An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers and their Families. Back to: Alphabetical Imperial Index | De Imperatoribus Romanis | Index of Imperial Stemmata ...

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A visual who's who of 36 of the Roman emperors, with names and dates. Many are photographs taken from coins or statues, but others are artists' renderings.

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With the death of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in March of 180 CE, the long reign of the five good emperors came to an end and with it so did the Pax Romana (the ...


Anyway, what follows is a list of the Roman emperors and whenever possible, their busts and/or any other contributions they made to Roman art or architecture.

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The Holy Roman Emperor (German: Römisch-deutscher Kaiser, Latin: Romanorum Imperator) was the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. From an autocracy in Carolingian times ...

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Roman Emperors and Empresses were rulers of the Roman Empire, wielding power over its citizens and military. The empire was developed as the Roman Republic invaded ...

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Last Roman Emperor or Last World Emperor is a figure of medieval European legend, which developed as an aspect of eschatology in the Catholic Church.

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A section in De Imperatoribus Romanis, the on-line encyclopaedia of Roman Emperors. There are several maps here useful to the New Testament student. Note especially ...