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Roman numerals, the numeric system used in ancient Rome and throughout Europe until the dawn of the Middle Ages, use combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet ...

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Convert a whole number to roman numerals, or vice versa. ... Enter a whole number such as 2003, or a Roman numeral such as MMIII, then click Convert.

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Roman Numerals Chart 1-100. Here is a chart of what each Roman Numeral stands for. The system is based on seven different symbols. These symbols can be used to write ...

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Full list of roman numerals from 1 to 5000. Click on any roman numeral to discover how to read it. We hope you have found this information useful.

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Includes a introduction to Roman numerals including a translation of the digits used and a converter which can convert decimal to Roman numerals and vice versa.

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Roman numerals interesting history and how to convert between roman numerals and numbers. We also provide roman numerals converter and conversion chart.

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Roman numerals are a system of numerical notations used by the Romans. They are an additive (and subtractive) system in which letters are used to denote certain "base ...

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Roman numerals definition, one of the numerals in the ancient Roman system of notation, still used for certain limited purposes, ... Roman numeral. Word Origin ;