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Ring vs. Rang vs. Rung. You can tell when to use ring, rang, or rung by whether you need the present, past, or past participle (used with has or have) form.

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noun 1. one of the crosspieces, usually rounded, forming the steps of a ladder. 2. a rounded or shaped piece fixed horizontally, for strengthening purposes, as ...

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He was on the bottom rung on the corporate ladder. the top rung of society. the lowest rung of the pay scale

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rung 1 (rŭng) n. 1. A rod or bar forming a step of a ladder. 2. A crosspiece between the legs of a chair. 3. The spoke in a wheel. 4. Nautical One of the spokes or ...

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Rung may refer to: Rung (band), a Pakistan band; Rung (album), an album by Hadiqa Kiyani; Rung languages, a proposed group of Tibeto-Burman languages

Föreningen RUNG- resande, ung, ny och gammal.

Föreningen RUNG har polisanmält Lennart Holmlund (S) fd kommunalråd i Umeå, efter ett enhälligt styrelsebeslut, för hets mot folkgrupp och förtal, med ...

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Rung treated the shell-shocked Autobot Flattop. He discovered Flattop was a survivor of the Babu Yar atrocity, but that was not his immediate problem.

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at the bottom of the ladder and on the bottom rung (of the ladder) Fig. at the lowest level of pay and status. (Alludes to the lowness of the bottom rung of a ladder.)