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Scots law is the legal system of Scotland. It is a hybrid or mixed legal system containing civil law and common law elements, that traces its roots to a number of ...

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Scottish law, the legal practices and institutions of Scotland. At the union of the parliaments of England and Scotland in 1707, ... Historical development of Scots law.

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Scots Law 2.0: Scots law blog posts, news & social media streams from a team of Scottish lawyers and law students. Become a columnist today.

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Delict is borrowed from Latin delictum and, as a branch of Scots law, revolves around the fundamental concept damnum injuria datum - literally loss wrongfully caused.

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Introduction... Welcome to Scottish Law Online, a web portal for lawyers, solicitors or advocates, academics, students or the public who are interested in Scots Law.

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Scots Common Law. Under Scots Common Law there was originally only one offence, termed 'Being English'. To this later was added, 'Breech of the Piece.'

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More News. Fears raised LBTT could have unintended consequences for homeowners Many thousands of homeowners will be hit by the second homes levy due to come into ...

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Scots Law is a legal seestem foondit on Roman law, that brings thegither featurs o baith ceevil law an common law. The terms o union atween Scotland an Ingland ...

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The Scots Law Times is the law reports service in Scotland, publishing over 1400 pages of reports each year. Published weekly during court term, the Scots Law Times ...

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