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The Sellmeier equation is an empirical relationship between refractive index and wavelength for a particular transparent medium. The equation is used to determine the ...

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The Sellmeier coefficients for many common optical glasses can be found in the Schott Glass catalogue, or in the Ohara catalogue. For common optical glasses, the ...

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Optics online calculation: n (Sellmeier equation) - Refractive index at a given wavelength.

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Refractive index vs. wavelength for BK7 glass, showing measured points (blue crosses) and the Sellmeier equation (red line).

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8 January 2009 Sellmeier Dispersion by Dr. Tom Tiwald If you have operated a spectroscopic ellipsometer, it is likely that you have also used the Cauchy dispersion

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October 15, 1997 / Vol. 22, No. 20 / OPTICS LETTERS 1553 Temperature-dependent Sellmeier equation for the index of refraction, ne, in congruent lithium niobate