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send 1 (sĕnd) v. sent (sĕnt), send·ing, sends 1. To cause to be conveyed by an intermediary to a destination: send goods by plane. 2. To dispatch, as by a ...

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Examples from the Web for sender Expand Contemporary Examples Instead, messages will be organized entirely around the sender. Don't Ditch Your Gmail Thomas E. Weber ...

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A sender was a circuit in a 20th-century electromechanical telephone exchange which sent telephone numbers and other information to another exchange.

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No name was listed for the sender, only a return e-mail address of "metalman29." If by any chance wrong signals are printed or the instruments get out of phase, the ...

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Definition: The individual who initiates a message in the communication process. The sender may be a speaker, a writer, or someone who merely gestures.

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Sender is a rock band from Bendigo. Originally called Zenyth, they were in 1999 the Victorian state winneron the Commonwealth Youth Affairs National Battle of the ...

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Inflection of sender. common gender Singular Plural; indefinite definite indefinite definite; nominative: sender: senderen: sendere: senderne: genitive: senders ... - Email Marketing Software and Autoresponders

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The Sender element identifies the sender of an item. Developer Network Developer Network Developer. Sign in. MSDN subscriptions. Get tools ...