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noun 1. a noncommissioned army officer of a rank above that of corporal. 2. U.S. Air Force. any noncommissioned officer above the rank of airman first class. 3. a ...

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Sergeant, (normally abbreviated to Sgt) is a rank used in many armies, police forces, and other uniformed organizations. Its origins are in the Latin serviens, "one ...

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Middle English, servant, attendant, sergeant, from Anglo-French sergant, serjant, from Latin servient-, serviens, present participle of servire to serve

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Sergeant (normally abbreviated to Sgt) is a rank used in some form by most militaries, police forces, and other uniformed organizations around the world.

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ser·geant (sär′jənt) n. 1. a. A noncommissioned rank in the US Army or Marine Corps that is above corporal and below staff sergeant. b. Any of several ranks of ...

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The definition of a sergeant is a non commissioned rank in the U.S. Army, the Air Force or Marines, or a police officer who is junior to a lieutenant.

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What is a Sergeant? A Sergeant is the second-lowest grade of NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer), directly above Corporal. Sergeants command small units of soldiers ...

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Staff Sergeant is a rank of non-commissioned officer used in the armed forces of several countries. It is also a police rank in some police services.

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Sergeant is the fifth enlisted rank (E-5) of the UNSC Marine Corps and the UNSC Army, and is a non-commissioned officer. It is equal to the rank of Petty Officer ...