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Sexual slavery is slavery for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sexual slavery may involve single-owner sexual slavery; ritual slavery, sometimes associated with ...

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Teen recounts horror of abduction into sex slavery Many young victims of human traffickers treated as criminals themselves Below:

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The United Nations envoy on sexual violence detailed Monday how Islamic State militants are selling teenage girls into sexual slavery and inflicting h...

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Sexual Slavery. Posted: 2005. Sorry if your hopes were up, but this is not about pretend bedroom games. Many women and children are forced into sex by traffickers ...

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Answers to FAQs about trafficking including what is human trafficking and sex slavery, who traffics and what is the impact of the sex trafficking of women.

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An estimated half-million women are trafficked annually for the purpose of sexual slavery. The women are kidnapped -- or lured by traffickers who prey on their dreams ...

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News about sexual slavery. Commentary and archival information about sexual slavery from The New York Times.

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Sexual slavery is a special case of slavery or forced labour. Sexual slaves are like normal slaves, except for the following: They may have been forced into prostitution

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MEXICO CITY -- While James Bond is cavorting in downtown Mexico City among giant skeleton props, leaping over rooftops and jumping into helicopters in an ...

The Women Who Sold Their Daughters into Sex Slavery

A neighborhood in Cambodia is a global center of the child sex trade. The people selling the children? Too often their parents.