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A 15th-century depiction of shechita and bedikah. It should be noted that the artist erroneously depicted knives with points at the tip, which are not acceptable for ...

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Shechita is the Jewish religious and humane method of slaughtering permitted animals and poultry for food. It is the only method of producing kosher meat and poultry ...


Authentic information on Shechita the honestly humane method of animal slaughter according to Jewish Law around the world. How the integral stun of the Shechita is ...

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shechita /ˈʃəxitɑ; ˈʃxitə/ noun 1. the Jewish method of killing animals for food Word Origin from Hebrew, literally: slaughter Collins English Dictionary ...

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Shechita is performed with a surgically sharp instrument (a chalaf), which must be perfectly smooth without the minutest notch or irregularity.

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shechita, shechitah, shehita or shehitah. n (Judaism) the Jewish method of killing animals for food [from Hebrew, literally: slaughter]

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As for the members of the shechitah Board not eating Kosher, look at me.'

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Shechita is the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food. To learn more, click here to read a Guide to Shechita

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Rabbi Chanoch Kesselman from the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in London has provided an accurate english translation for the rules of shechita.