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Shia (/ ˈ ʃ iː ə /; Arabic: شيعة ‎ Shīʿah), an abbreviation of Shīʻatu ʻAlī (شيعة علي, "followers of Ali"), is a branch of Islam which holds ...

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Shia Islam, the second largest branch of Islam, consists of approximately 15 percent of the total Muslim population.

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Iran a country that feels deeply embattled from all sides (Western, shi'a, Asian), and scapegoats the easiest target.

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Language. Shi language; shi (kana), a kana in Japanese syllabaries "Shi", proposed gender-neutral pronoun; Tachelhit or the Shilha language (ISO 639 code)

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The division between Sunnis and Shi'a is the largest and oldest in the history of Islam. This article compares the similarities and differences between the ...

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Shi'a Islam or Shi`ism (from the Arabic word شيعة, Persian: شیعه) is the second largest school within Islam. Shi'a Muslims adhere to the teachings of the ...

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Question. What's the Difference Between Shia and Sunni Muslims? Answer. Both Sunni and Shia Muslims share the most fundamental Islamic beliefs and articles ...

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Shia Islam encompasses most Muslims who are not counted among the Sunni. The division between Sunni and Shia, dates to the death of the prophet Muhammad when his ...

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By Kallie Szczepanski. Definition: A Shi'a or Shi'ite is a member of the smaller of the two primary branches of orthodox Islam, the other being the Sunni.

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And Sunni politicians, in turn, will often accuse leading shia Iraqis of serving as Iranians pawns.