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Shunning can be the act of social rejection, or emotional distance. In a religious context, shunning is a formal decision by a denomination or a congregation to cease ...

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I see shunning as one of many social complexities that requires sophisticated social skills; the article is a great contribution! My approach as a

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shun (shŭn) tr.v. shunned, shun·ning, shuns 1. To avoid using, accepting, engaging in, or partaking of: shun someone's advice; shun public recognition; shun fatty ...

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Amish Shunning. Amish shunning is the use of social exclusion as method used to enforce Amish church rules. Contrary to popular belief, Amish shunning does not end of ...

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verb (used with object), shunned, shunning. 1. to keep away from (a place, person, object, etc.), from motives of dislike, caution, etc.; take pains to avoid.

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Directed by Michael Landon Jr.. With Danielle Panabaker, Sherry Stringfield, Bill Oberst Jr., Burgess Jenkins. Beautiful Katie Lapp has always felt …

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Research resources on religious cults, sects, and alternative religions - Shunning or disfellowshipping

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Watch a preview for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie "Beverly Lewis' The Shunning," starring Danielle Panabaker & Sherry Stringfield.

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My American Experience Share Your Story. Do you have a story about the Amish? Have you been to Amish country? Do you know any Amish people? What do you know about the ...

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Those who were baptized as Jehovah’s Witnesses but no longer preach to others, perhaps even drifting away from association with fellow believers, are not shunned.