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Snail is a common name that is applied most often to land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. However, the common name "snail" is also applied to most ...

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Snail Facts and Information. Habitat, Feeding, Anatomy, Reproduction, Lifecycle, Predators, Species and Pictures.

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Middle English, from Old English snægl; akin to Old High German snecko snail, snahhan to creep. First Known Use: before 12th century

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snail (snāl) n. 1. Any of numerous aquatic or terrestrial gastropod mollusks that typically have a spirally coiled shell, retractile foot, and distinct head.

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noun 1. any mollusk of the class Gastropoda, having a spirally coiled shell and a ventral muscular foot on which it slowly glides about. 2. a slow or lazy person ...

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Snail is the common name applied to most members of the mollusk class Gastropoda that have coiled shells. Snails are found in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial ...

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A land snail is a common name for any of the numerous species of snail that live on land, as opposed to those that live in salt water and fresh water.

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Snail, a gastropod, especially one having an enclosing shell, into which it may retract completely for protection. A gastropod lacking a shell is commonly called a ...

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A snail is a common name for a kind of mollusc. The term is used for a gastropod with a coiled shell. Snails and slugs which breath with a kind of lung are members of ...