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Snowclones are the new eggcorns. ... In 2006, the Tensor found with that X other than “base” most frequently was blogs, audioscrobbler, ...

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Snowclone is a neologism for a type of cliché and phrasal template originally defined as "a multi-use, customizable, instantly recognizable, time-worn, quoted or ...

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Snowclones are a type of phrasal templates in which certain words may be replaced with another to produce new variations with altered meanings, similar to t

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Snowclones: lexicographical dating to the second. At last a suitable name has been proposed for the some-assembly-required adaptable cliché frames for lazy ...

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Noun . snowclone ‎(plural snowclones) A type of cliché which uses an old idiom formulaically in a new context. 2005 Nov 5, auuV, "Some articles that I like.

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I clicked on “About the Snowclone Database” and got to this page. Then I read this page. It tells me about snowclones, and it tells me about who’s responsible ...

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I think this is absolutely true. Snowclones are hidden from view yet exert a huge gravitational pull, tugging the words we write into pre-determined shapes.

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Melissa Holbrook Pierson, "What Is Your Dog Telling You? They may not use words, but dogs say a lot more than we realize with their body language", WSJ 5/11/2015:

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An index page listing Snow Clones content. Alternate title: What Do You Mean, Our Jesus And Cthulhu Are Different, So Screw The Sliding Scale Of What Measure …


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