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Tractate Sotah (Hebrew: שוטה ‎ [1] / סוטה) deals with the ordeal of the bitter water—the woman suspected of adultery—as well as other rituals involving ...

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A sotah is a woman accused of adultery and this story is about three sisters in the haredi world of Israel as they are matched off in marriage.

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Sotah (beginning in Talmudic literature) is the term for a woman suspected of adultery, who must undergo an ordeal that will establish her guilt or innocence.

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Sotah [Naomi Ragen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Beautiful, fragile Dina Reich, a young woman in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox …

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Naso (Numbers 4:21-7:89) Sotah. One of the laws discussed in Parshat Naso is known as the law of the sotah, which describes how a Jewish court is meant to deal with ...

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talmud - mas. sotah 2a c h a p t e r i mishnah. if one warns1 his wife [not to associate with a certain man]. r. eliezer says: he warns her on the testimony of two ...

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The Mishnaic Tractate Sotah, which appears in the Order of Women (Nashim), between Tractates Nazir and Gittin, deals mainly with the trial by ordeal undergone in the ...

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Ordeal of the bitter water; Halakhic texts relating to this article; Torah: Numbers 5:11-31: Mishnah: Sotah: Babylonian Talmud: Sotah: Jerusalem Talmud: Sotah

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The Sotah is a woman who, suspected by her husband of infidelity, has to submit to the ordeal of drinking the bitter water to establish her innocence.