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The Soviet Union after World War II, not including aligned countries.

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In 1974, Nixon was stung by a popular display of Egyptian artifacts in the soviet Union.

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Etymology “Soviet” is derived from a Russian word signifying council, assembly, advice, harmony, concord, [trans 1] ultimately deriving from the Proto-Slavic ...

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The Soviet Army (Russian: Советская Армия, Sovetskaya Armiya) is the name given to the main land-based branch of the Soviet Armed Forces between ...

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so·vi·et (sō′vē-ĕt′, -ĭt, sŏv′ē-, sō′vē-ĕt′) n. 1. One of the popularly elected legislative assemblies that were created after the Russian ...

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Adjective . soviet ‎(comparative more soviet, superlative most soviet) Pertaining to or resembling a soviet (council). Relating to the ideology, culture ...

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Soviet, council that was the primary unit of government in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and that officially performed both legislative and executive ...

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Soviet Denim

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I know your great uncle Donald Duart Maclean was part of the Cambridge Five and was a double agent for the soviets.