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Space/orbital debris/junk/waste is the collection of defunct man-made objects in space – old satellites, spent rocket stages, and fragments from disintegration ...

Space Junk: Tracking & Removing Orbital Debris

Although outer space is often imagined to be a desolate, empty place, the region around Earth swarms with millions pieces of man-made debris that create potential ...

Space Debris and Human Spacecraft | NASA

More than 500,000 pieces of debris, or “space junk,” are tracked as they orbit the Earth.

NASA Orbital Debris Program Office

The NASA Orbital Debris Program Office is located at the Johnson Space Center and is the lead NASA center for orbital debris research.

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Satellites in orbit around Earth are used in many areas and disciplines, including space science, Earth observation, meteorology, climate research, telecommunication ...

Worst Space Debris Events of All Time

The space around Earth is a crowded space packed with nearly 22,000 spent rocket stages, dead or dying satellites and countless crumbs of human-made orbital flotsam.

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Ecuador's first and only satellite collided with a Russian rocket fragment last week, reigniting the debate over the need for an international organization ...

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Orbital debris, or “space junk,” is any man-made object in orbit around the Earth that no longer serves a useful purpose. Space junk can be bad news for an ...

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Technology image of the week: How hypervelocity space debris would tear through the Kevlar-Nextel fabric protecting ESA's ATV space freighter

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A bibliography on space debris, also called orbital debris, covering reports, articles, and internet sites compiled by the NASA Headquarters Library