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Spahis (French pronunciation: ) were light cavalry regiments of the French army recruited primarily from the indigenous populations of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

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sipahi (Ottoman Turkish: سپاهی sipâhi ‎, Turkish pronunciation: ) were two types of Ottoman cavalry corps, including the fief-holding provincial timarli ...

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Maximilian Morrel, captain of Spahis, my friend; and what is more -- however the man speaks for himself my preserver.

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Spahi uniform today: 2006 pattern parade uniform for a maréchal des logis of the 1st Spahi Regiment, again with distinctive burnous. Spahis (French pronunciation: ...

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Spahis or Sipahis (spä`hē), Ottoman cavalry cavalry, a military force consisting of mounted troops trained to fight from horseback. Horseback riding probably ...

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noun, plural spahis. 1. one of a body of native Algerian cavalry in the French service. 2. (formerly) a cavalryman in the Turkish army.

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Héritier des traditions de la cavalerie d’Afrique, le 1 er régiment de spahis descend du régiment de marche de spahis marocains créé en 1914 par le général ...

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Spahis or Sipahis , Ottoman cavalry. The Spahis were organized in the 14th cent. on a feudal basis. The officers held fiefs granted to them

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SPAHIS - MARCHE DES CHASSEURS D'AFRIQUE - Duration: 2:21. TheClaude35 19,415 views. 2:21 France 14th July 2010 - Défilé for the "Fête nationale" in ...