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The spermatid is the haploid male gametid that results from division of secondary spermatocytes. As a result of meiosis, each spermatid contains only half of the ...

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spermatid [sper´mah-tid] a cell produced by meiotic division of a secondary spermatocyte; it develops into the spermatozoon. sper·ma·tid (sper'mă-tid), A cell in ...

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spermatid sper·ma·tid (spûr'mə-tĭd) n. Any of the four haploid cells formed by meiosis in a male organism that develop into spermatozoa without further division.

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Definition. noun, plural: spermatids (1) Any of the haploid cells formed by meiotic division of spermatocytes, and develops into a spermatozoon after maturational events.

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Spermiogenesis is the final stage of spermatogenesis, which sees the maturation of spermatids into mature, motile spermatozoa. The spermatid is a more or less ...

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A spermatid is an intermediate stage in sperm growth in the human male. Each spermatid contains 23 chromosomes. That is, each one is the "male" half of a ...

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In the second process, the bulk cytoplasmic contents of the terminally differentiating spermatids are removed in a process called individualization , which involves ...

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spermatids Immature sperm cells formed in the testicle, having half the normal number of chromosomes (haploid), that develop into SPERMATOZOA without further division.

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spermatid [′spər·məd·əd] (histology) A male germ cell immediately before assuming its final typical form. Spermatid . a developing male sexual cell during ...