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Qi (Chinese: 齊; Old Chinese: * [dz]ˤəj) was an ancient Chinese state during the Zhou dynasty of ancient China. Its capital was Linzi (present-day Zibo in Shandong).

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The state of Qi was founded when the first king of the Shang Dynasty enfeoffed the direct descendants of the royal family of the deposed Xia Dynasty in the area that ...

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... >Shandong</a> was given to <a href="/pages/w/109108122453816">Jiang Ziya</a>, his most important general from which the state of Qi arose.

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Chinese History - Qi 齊 (Zhou period feudal state ... the Prince declined because the small state of Zheng could not accept such an offer from the large state of Qi.

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The following details the state of Qi of Zhou Dynasty origin. Refer to Qǐ (state) for the State of Qǐ (杞) founded in the Shang Dynasty.

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This primordial qi is simply the state of qi before any concrete thing is formed. “Before heaven, earth and the myriad things were formed, ...