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Stratus clouds are low-level cloud characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base, as opposed to convective or cumuliform clouds that are formed by rising ...

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Stratus clouds can be hard to recognize as actual “clouds”, because they appear as a uniform, grey, horizontal layer across the sky. Stratus clouds are the

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If you see stratus clouds, that's the time to get inside and stay there. Stratus clouds mean rain if it is warm and snow if it is cold. They look like a huge gray ...

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Weather. Stratus cloud, a cloud type Nimbostratus cloud, a cloud type; Stratocumulus cloud, a cloud type; Altostratus cloud, a cloud type; Altostratus undulatus cloud ...

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Stratus clouds are low-lying uniform clouds that blanket the sky. ... we may be actually driving through stratus cloud formation that is low to the ground.

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Cloud-watching has been a well-loved activity for thousands of years. This week, discover the stratus cloud.

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Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus. Noun: 1. stratus cloud - a large dark low cloud . stratus. altostratus, altostratus cloud ...

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Stratus Cloud Workload Services for OpenStack leverages software defined availability to match infrastructure to applications quickly. Learn more.

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