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In geology, subduction is the process that takes place at convergent boundaries by which one tectonic plate moves under another tectonic plate and sinks into the ...

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The lines with barbs show zones of underthrusting (subduction), where one plate is sliding beneath another.

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French, from Late Latin subduction-, subductio withdrawal, from Latin subducere to withdraw, from sub-+ ducere to draw — more at tow. First Known Use: 1970

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Key points. Subduction is a geological process in which the edge of a lithospheric plate slides underneath the edge of an adjacent plate. Subduction is one of the two ...

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subduction zone. The subduction zone is the place where two lithospheric plates come together, one riding over the other. Most volcanoes on land occur parallel to and ...

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A subduction zone is a collision between two of Earth's tectonic plates, where one plate sinks into the mantle underneath the other plate.

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About Subduction What happens when a lithospheric plate must go down. Subduction is a scientific Latin word meaning "carried under." Basically, it happens when one ...

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sub·duc·tion (səb-dŭk′shən) n. A geologic process in which one edge of one crustal plate is forced below the edge of another. [French, from Latin subductus ...

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subduction. Subduction is the process of the oceanic lithosphere colliding with and descending beneath the continental lithosphere.

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Subduction and the forces associated with it can create spectacular mountain ranges. This is how the continuous mountain chain around the Pacific Ocean known as the ...