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Succession of states is a theory and practice in international relations regarding the recognition and acceptance of a newly created sovereign state by other states ...

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successor state definition, meaning, what is successor state: a new smaller country formed after a larger country has been divided up: . Learn more.

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A successor state is a state that takes over from a previously well-established state some or all of the territory and assets. As a term of international law, this ...

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Each Successor State has its own culture and customs. ... While not strictly defined as one of the Successor States, ComStar is politically influential, ...

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The situation calculus is a logic formalism designed for representing and reasoning about dynamical domains. It was first introduced by John McCarthy in 1963.

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Countries Serbia. Summary ... Two days later, Serbia declared that it was the successor state to the union of Serbia and Montenegro. Modern Flag of Serbia ...

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2. A thousand years old and brand new Independent Scotland walks into a bar. Barman says “Are you a continuing state?” Independent Scotland asks “why?”.