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The Swadeshi movement, part of the Indian independence movement and the developing Indian nationalism, was an economic strategy aimed at removing the British Empire ...

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noun 1. a political movement in British India that encouraged domestic production and the boycott of foreign, especially British, goods as a step toward home rule.

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Mahatma Gandhi was a champion of 'swadeshi', or home economy. People outside India know of Gandhi's campaigns to end British colonialism, but this was only a small ...

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Swadeshi (swəˈdeɪʃɪ) adj (Economics) (in present-day India) produced within the country; not imported. n (Historical Terms) (in British India) the encouragement ...

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The word swadeshi derives from Sanskrit and is a conjunction of two Sanskrit words. Swa means self or own and desh means country. So swadesh means own country.

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Back. Gandhi's Views On Swadeshi Meaning of Swadeshi. Spirit Of Swadeshi Swadeshi is that spirit in us which restricts us to the use and service of our immediate ...


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Swades: We, the People (Hindi: स्वदेस, pronounced [sʋəˈd̪eːʃ], own country) is a 2004 Indian drama film written, produced and directed by Ashutosh ...

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