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Sympathetic magic, also known as imitative magic, is a type of magic based on imitation or correspondence.

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noun 1. magic predicated on the belief that one thing or event can affect another at a distance as a consequence of a sympathetic connection between them.

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By Patti Wigington. Definition: In many traditions of magic, both older and modern, the concept of sympathetic magic plays a crucial role. The idea behind sympathetic ...

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The initial impulse to imitate nature was linked with the idea of sympathetic magic (Popoff 1890: 400-403; Conway 1891: 30-39; Balfour 1893: 31-64; Haddon 1895: 235 ...

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Chapter 3. Sympathetic Magic. § 1. The Principles of Magic. Frazer, Sir James George. 1922. The Golden Bough

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sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic is based on the metaphysical belief that like affects like. Sympathetic magic is the basis for most forms of divination.

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Sympathetic magic is a specific magical paranormal belief that similar objects affect each other. (This concept is often phrased as "like affects like," as ...

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All sympathetic magic is based upon two principles: first, "likes produce likes," or that an effect resembles it cause; and, second, that things having been in ...

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