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In lunar calendars, a lunar month is the time between two successive syzygies (new moons or full moons). The use of the lunar month varies by which culture has ...

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Also called lunar month. the period of a complete revolution of the moon around the earth, as the period between successive new moons (synodic month) equal to 29.531 ...

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The Sidereal and Synodic Months The sidereal month is the time the Moon takes to complete one full revolution around the Earth with respect to the background stars.

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in chronology, a period of 19 years in which there are 235 lunations, or synodic month s, after which the Moon’s phases recur on the same days of the solar year, or ...

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Home › NAAP Labs › Motions of the Sun › Sidereal vs. Synodic Sidereal vs. Synodic Motions. 1 → 2: globe rotates 360° (sidereal) 1 → 3: globe repoints to sun.

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synodic month n. See lunar month. synodic month n (Units) See month6 month (mʌnθ) n. 1. any of the 12 parts, as January or May, into which the calendar year is ...

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month, measured from a lunar phase until the return of that same phase

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The mean interval between conjunctions of the Moon and Sun, corresponding to the cycle of lunar phases. However, any particular phase cycle may vary from the mean by ...

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Synodic definition, Astronomy. pertaining to a conjunction, or to two successive conjunctions of the same bodies. See more. ... or satellite: the synodic month.