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Syriac was the local accent of Aramaic in Edessa, that evolved under the influence of Church of the East and Syriac Orthodox Church into its current form.

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Syriac Christian heritage is transmitted through various Neo Aramaic dialects (particularly the Syriac dialect of Assyria and Upper Mesopotamia) of old Aramaic.

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Examples from the Web for Syriac Expand Contemporary Examples Not so: there are Christians there too, like the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch. Why Won’t the West Defend ...

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Overview of the translations of the Bible in Syriac and commentaries on the Bible.

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Details of the Syriac alphabet and the Syriac/Aramaic language, which is spoken by about 200,000 people in Iraq, Syria, Iran and a number of other countries.

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The Latin tongue is hardly understood, Syriac is unknown, Greek so odious that 'tis accounted no ignorance in the most learned to skip a Greek word without reading it ...

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The Syriac script is one of the myriad of Aramaic variants that appeared in the ancient Fertile Crescent around the 1st century CE. It was used to write Syriac, a ...

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The page provides a broad overview of the Syriac Orthodox Church, its origins and history, faith and doctrine, form of worship, ecclesiastical organization, etc.

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Origins of Syriac. Syriac is a form of Aramaic, a language whose many dialects have been in continuous use since the 11th century BC. Originally the language of the ...

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