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The Tabasarans are an ethnic group who live mostly in Dagestan, Russia. Their population in Russia is about 200,000. They speak the Tabasaran language.

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Tabasaran; табасаран чIал tabasaran č’al: Native to: Russia: Region: Southern Dagestan: Ethnicity: Tabasarans

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Tabasarans a people living in the southeastern part of the Dagestan ASSR. The Tabasarans number 55,200 (1970). They speak Tabasaran, and many also speak Lezghian ...

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How would you define tabasarans? Add your definition here. comments powered by Disqus. Words near tabasarans in the dictionary. tabardillo; tabards ...

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Tabasarans. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. English Noun . Tabasarans. plural of Tabasaran; ...

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Bibliography Akiner, Shirin (1986). Islamic Peoples of the Soviet Union: An Historical and Statistical Handbook. 2nd ed., 156-159.

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Tabasaran . the language of the Tabasarans. It is spoken in Tabasaran and Khiv raions, Dagestan ASSR. There are approximately 44,000 speakers of Tabasaran (1970).

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Tabasaran: табасаран чӏал ‎(tabasaran č̣al) Noun . Tabasaran ‎(plural Tabasarans) A person who belongs to this people. Translations . person.