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A terminal degree is a degree that is either highest on the academic track or highest on the professional track in a given field of study. The phrase "terminal degree ...

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A terminal degree is defined as the "highest" degree available in a particular field. A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is an oft mentioned terminal degree in several ...

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A terminal degree in education, as in many other disciplines, is a doctoral degree, usually called a Ph.D. In order to be called a terminal degree, it must be the ...

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Unfortunately, a terminal degree does not correlate in any way with whether that professor is a good teacher.

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Does this article need a complete re-write? I've mostly heard the term "terminal degree" applied to people, referring to the last degree they've obtained, which ...

So, What Exactly is a Terminal Master's Degree?

By Nate Abbott. You may have heard the term “terminal degree” or “terminal master’s degree” thrown around when discussing graduate schools.

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Higher education that is effective and cheap and flexible and accessible from anywhere in the world is as good a good as technology is likely to deliver, ...

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I am certain we can all agree that a Ph.D. is a terminal degree. However certain other degrees that are not earned doctorates would be terminal degrees as well, the ...

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Terminal vs. Non-Terminal Master ... You may very well encounter colleges or universities that use a number of terms to describe either a terminal or non-terminal degree.

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In academia, intro2life's defintition of "terminal degree" as "accepted as the highest form of academic credential commonly sought or offered in a field", is a good one.