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And so, for a whole year, he sought to accumulate the most exquisite specimens that he could find of textile and embroidered work, getting the dainty Delhi muslins ...

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A textile [1] or cloth [2] is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres (yarn or thread). Yarn is produced by spinning raw fibres of ...

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A textile factory moves south of the border, and a town loses its mainstay of employment.

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Textile, any filament, fibre, or yarn that can be made into fabric or cloth, and the resulting material itself. The term is derived from the Latin textilis and the ...

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USA. Monthly published magazine for executives and technologists in the global textile and related trades. From Intertec Publishing, Inc.

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having to do with weaving or with woven fabrics; that has been or can be woven: textile material; Origin of textile. Classical Latin textilis; from textus: see text

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Textile Reference Manual for RedCloth 4 Introduction. Textile is a simple text markup language to be used when writing on blogs, wikis, and documents.

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Textile is a lightweight markup language that uses a text formatting syntax to convert plain text into structured HTML markup. Textile is used for writing articles ...

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This module implements the popular Textile markup shorthand, and allows you to enter content using a simple, plain text syntax that is filtered into valid (X)HTML. It ...