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The Thaliacea comprise a class of marine animals within the subphylum Tunicata. Unlike their benthic relatives the ascidians, thaliaceans are free-floating for their ...

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The tunicates are divided into three classes: Ascidiacea (ascidians, or sea squirts), Appendicularia (Larvacea), and Thaliacea. Ascidians are largely benthic animals.

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Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus. Noun: 1. Thaliacea - small class of free-swimming tunicates; sometimes classified as an order

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Thaliacea are free-floating animals with a ton-like appearance. Thaliaceae are Tunicates. They are filter feeders and live from plankton. Their reproduction is ...

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Thaliacea [‚thā·lē′ā·shē·ə] (invertebrate zoology) A small class of pelagic Tunicata in which oral and atrial apertures occur at opposite ends of the body.

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The class Thaliacea contains about 70 species of small barrel shaped animals that spend their lives swimming slowly through the warmer seas of the world.

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Deutsch: Salpen Ελληνικά: Θαλειοειδή (Σάλπες) français: Thaliacés македонски: Салпи 日本語: タリア綱