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A thermodynamic system is the material and radiative content of a macroscopic volume in space, that can be adequately described by thermodynamic state variables such ...

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noun, Physics. 1. a system whose states of equilibrium can be specified by a few macroscopic properties.

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The term "thermodynamic system" is used frequently in the subject of thermodynamics. Let us see what a thermodynamic system is and learn about its various types.

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Thermodynamics is a branch of physics concerned with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work. It defines macroscopic variables, such as internal ...

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Engineering Thermodynamics/Thermodynamic Systems. From Wikibooks, ... A thermodynamic system is defined as a volume in space or a well defined set of materials (matter).

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Thermodynamic data are tabulated for most phases of petrological interest and are designated with the superscript °, for example, G°, to avoid confusion.

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Thermodynamic systems Energy transfer is studied in three types of systems: Open systems: Open systems can exchange both matter and energy with an outside system.

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The present article's account of an "open system", with a beguiling diagram, is really an account of a special case, convenient for some engineering purposes, which ...

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In thermodynamics, a thermodynamic system, originally called a working substance, is defined as that part of the universe that is under consideration.