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Ultramafic (also referred to as ultrabasic rocks, although the terms are not wholly equivalent) are igneous and meta-igneous rocks with a very low silica content ...

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Ultramafic Rock. An igneous rock with a very low silica content and rich in minerals such as hypersthene, augite, ... Dictionary of Geological Terms - Only $18.95

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ultramafic in Science Expand ultramafic (ŭl'trə-māf'ĭk) Containing mainly mafic minerals. Used of igneous rocks and often used interchangeably with ultrabasic ...

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Intrusive ultramafic rocks Edit. Intrusive ultramafic rocks are often found in large, layered ultramafic intrusions where differentiated rock types often occur in layers.

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What acreage (or percentage) of the continental US is covered by ultramafic/mafic rocks? I am doing a graduate thesis on soils formed from ultramafic/mafic rocks in ...

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The drill program has confirmed the presence of shallow, in-situ gold mineralisation within altered and locally deformed mafic and ultramafic volcanic rocks.

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ultramafic rock | igneous rock | containing less than 55 percent silica. The latter may be further divided into two groups: mafic, rocks with 45 to 55 percent silica and ultramafic, those ...

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