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The Uposatha (Sanskrit: Upavasatha) is Buddhist day of observance, in existence from the Buddha's time (500 BCE), and still being kept today in Buddhist countries.

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Uposatha days are times of renewed dedication to Dhamma practice, observed by lay followers and monastics throughout the world of Theravada Buddhism.

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Uposatha are days marked by a full or new moon that are observed with intensive practice by Theravada Buddhists, including Eight Uposatha Precepts.

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Uposatha, fortnightly meetings of the Buddhist monastic assembly, at the times of the full moon and the new moon, to reaffirm the rules of discipline.

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Uposatha offers info on Buddhist Uposatha days,Guide to Uposatha Days in Buddhism.Provides info on Uposatha,on why it is observed and what is the significance of ...

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Lay Buddhist Practice by Bhikkhu Kantipalo. Uposatha. The word means "entering to stay," in the Buddhist sense, in a vihara or monastery. But it has a long history ...

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The Buddha encouraged householders to dedicate certain days, known as Uposatha days, to deepening commitment to dharma practice. Uposatha days occur four times each ...

Uposatha Sila: The Eight-Precept Observance

Preface . I compiled the Uposatha Sila when I still held the rank of Maha. At that time the manuscript had some errors, but now these have been corrected.

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Monday, February 8th will be a day of extended practice at Uposatha Vihara. This Monday is one of two Uposatha Days in February. Most months have two (some have three ...