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VENUS features the latest in sexy styles for women's bathing suits, dresses, sweaters. Shop online or sign up via email for deals and Free Shipping.

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Similar in structure and size to Earth, Venus' thick, toxic atmosphere traps heat in a runaway greenhouse effect. A permanent layer of clouds traps heat, creating ...

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Venus is one of the four terrestrial planets in the Solar System, meaning that, like Earth, it is a rocky body. In size and mass, it is similar to Earth, and is often ...

Planet Venus Facts: A Hot, Hellish & Volcanic Planet

Venus is the brightest planet in our solar system, has a hellish atmosphere, and is covered in volcanoes. Learn more about planet Venus here.

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Directed by Roger Michell. With Peter O'Toole, Jodie Whittaker, Leslie Phillips, Beatrice Savoretti. Life for a pair of veteran actors gets turned upside down after ...

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Get information, facts, photos, news, videos, and more about planet Venus from National Geographic.

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Venus (/ ˈ v iː n ə s /, Classical Latin: / ˈ w ɛ n ʊ s /) is the Roman goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire.

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We are NASA's Planetary Science Division. Our hardworking robots explore the planets and more on the wild frontiers of our solar system.

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Grinspoon, D. Venus Revealed - A New Look Below the Clouds of our Mysterious Twin Planet. Addison-Wesley, Nueva York, 1997. ISBN 0-201-32839-9; Hunten, D. et al. Venus.