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Vesical tenesmus refers to the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder following urination. When the word tenesmus is used without modification, it usually ...

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Rectal tenesmus (Latin, from Greek teinesmos, from teinein to stretch, strain) is a feeling of incomplete defecation. ... Vesical tenesmus is a similar condition, ...

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Definition of Vesical tenesmus. What does Vesical tenesmus mean? Meaning of Vesical tenesmus. Vesical tenesmus synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more from Free ...

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Tenesmus Treatment: ... Vesical tenesmus is a similar condition, experienced as a feeling of incomplete voiding despite the bladder being empty. Causes of Tenesmus.

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a similar sensation as to the evacuation of urine, referred to the region of the bladder. See also: Tenesmus

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What Is Vesical (Bladder) Tenesmus? Vesical tenesmus is the experience of feeling a continued need to urinate even when the bladder has been emptied.

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The term rectal tenesmus is sometimes used to differentiate from vesical tenesmus, which is an overwhelming desire to empty the bladder. NEW - log your activity.

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Tenesmus may refer to: Rectal tenesmus - a clinical symptom, where there is a feeling of constantly needing to pass stools, despite an empty colon.