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The Vijayanagara Empire (also called Karnata Empire [1] and the Kingdom of Bisnegar by the Portuguese) was based in the Deccan Plateau region in South India.

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Vijaya Nagara is in Ballari district, northern Karnataka. It is the name of the now-ruined capital city that surrounds modern-day Hampi, of the historic Vijayanagara ...

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The Vijayanagara empire was based in the Deccan, in peninsular and southern India, from 1336 onwards. It was founded by Harihara, also known as Hakka, and his brother ...

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The expansion of the Vijayanagara empire parallels that of the city itself. Under the Sangama Dynasty (1336-1485), most regions of southern India ...

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The Vijayanagara empire was an Indian empire. From 1336 and afterwards, it was in the Deccan, in the peninsula and in southern India. It was founded by Harihara ...

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The Vijayanagar Empire ruled in South India from 1336 until 1646 and left a lasting legacy of architecture, sculpture, and painting.

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About the Book Vijayanagara, once one of the mightiest Hindu empires, has now been reduced to a mere village. Through extensive research and restoration efforts ...

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In the following decades the Vijayanagar empire dominated all of Southern India and fought off invasions from the five Deccan Sultanates in the north.

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Right from the very beginning of the nineteenth century Vijayanagara Epigraphy has been a popular theme in the historiography of medieval South India.