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The virgin birth of Jesus is the belief that Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit without the agency of a human father and born ...

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This is a sub-article to Reports of unusual religious childbirths and Jesus. The Virgin Birth is a key doctrine of the Christian faith, and is also held to be true by ...

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This article refers specifically to the virgin birth of Christ. For information on other legendary virgin births of other figures, please see the article Virgin birth.

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Essential Christian Doctrine or the Major Doctrine of Christianity. ... Without the virgin birth, ... Essential Doctrines of Christianity; Home; What's New, Forums ...

Is the virgin birth a relevant Christian doctrine?

For centuries the virgin birth has been an important doctrine in Christianity. But does this doctrine deserve so much attention?

The virgin birth of Jesus: Fact or fable?

Christian beliefs Menu The virgin birth of Jesus: Fact or fable? Conflicting quotations showing the diversity of beliefs about the virgin birth:

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Reclaiming the Christian Doctrine of the Virgin Birth. Will O’brien ... Few beliefs in the Christian tradition are as controversial as that of the virgin birth.

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An easy-to-understand theological defense of the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.

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Brief article explaining the doctrine of the Virgin Birth, showing what historical facts can be known about it, and responding to common objections and misunderstandings.

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The question of the Virgin Birth of ... subjects in the whole range of Christian doctrine. ... What is the evidence for what is called the Virgin Birth of Christ in ...