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Vladimir Olegovich Potanin (Владимир Олегович Потанин in Russian; born 3 January 1961) is a Russian billionaire entrepreneur and oligarch.

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Vladimir Potanin, a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the USSR in 1991 met future partner Mikhail Prokhorov, in that time the manager ...

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Vladimir Potanin, 42, was born in 1961 into a high-ranking Communist family. He attended the Moscow Institute for International Relations ...

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Vladimir Potanin net worth: Vladimir Potanin is a businessman who has a net worth of $15.8 billion dollars which makes him one of the richest people in Russia.

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Potanin (Russian: Пота́нин) is a Russian surname that may refer to: 9915 Potanin, asteroid; Grigory Potanin (1835–1920), Russian explorer; Vladimir Potanin ...

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Vladimir Potanin's $7 billion divorce bill may break some sort of record for being the world's most expensive divorce, but ex-wife Natalia Potanin seems to be

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Vladimir Potanin ranks 25 on The World's Billionaires 2008

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The Foundation introduced its ranking of Russian universities participating in the Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program 2014/2015

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Vladimir Potanin. When communism collapsed in Russia, the former Soviet bureaucrat had seen enough of Western economies to understand the opportunities.

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Vladimir Potanin, 54, built vast empire during fall of Soviet Russia. In 2013 he told wife of 30 years Natalia that he was leaving her.