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Western Asia, West Asia, Southwestern Asia or Southwest Asia is the westernmost subregion of Asia. The concept is in limited use, as it significantly overlaps with ...

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Western Asia Map shows international boundary, the state boundaries with their capitals, national capital and other important cities.

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There are many ethnic groups in West Asia, (also known as the Near East or Middle East) and the region has historically been a crossroads of different cultures.

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West Asia includes the highlands of Anatolia, the Caucasus, and the Armenian and Iranian highlands.

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West Asia Major Environmental Concerns [Land | Biodiversity | Water | Marine and Coastal Environments | Urban and Industrial Environments] The West Asia region ...

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Increasing Advocacy Skills for Bedouin Pastoralists. IUCN Regional Office for West Asia partnered with Oxfam have conducted a training workshop on strategic advocacy ...

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Ambassador Ranjit Gupta identifies the key issues to watch out for and address, in West Asia, in 2016

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PATA West Asia travel and tourism association, travel market intelligence, travel and tourism association, travel industry consulting, Arabian travel market

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Village farming began to spread across Southwest Asia shortly after 10,000 bp, and in less than 1,000 years settled farming cultures were widespread in the region.