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Basics of Football's West Coast Offense

What is the West Coast Offense? About Football offers a brief introduction explaining the objectives and basics of the West Coast Offense.

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History and use of the term. The term "West Coast offense", as it is now commonly used, derives from a remark made by then-New York Giants coach Bill Parcells after ...

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Invented by Bill Walsh, the philosophy of the West Coast Offense is to emphasize a short, well-timed passing game to take advantage of defensive weakness.

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The offense heavily utilized the quarterback under center as opposed to the shotgun set we see today and had balanced play-calling that entailed a ...

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Multiple West Coast Spread Offense Derived from Urban Meyer, although most of the terminology is from Sid Gilman / Joe Gibbs / Colorado State University (Sonny Lubick)


WEST COAST OFFENSE OVERVIEW; Short pass plays replace the running game to control the ball. Bill Walsh originated with the Cincinatti Bengals and San Francisco 49ers.

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What is West Coast Offense? An offensive philosophy in football that utilizes short, high percentage passes as the foundation of a ball-control offense.

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Is it possible to run the "West Coast Offense" -- the offense credited to Bill Walsh and those of his "coaching tree" -- at any level other than the NFL? The

The West Coast Offense

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