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White flight is a term that originated in the United States, starting in the mid-20th century, and applied to the large-scale migration of people of various European ...

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White flight is the phenomenon of upper and middle class whites moving out of cities and into suburbs. Periods of white flight...

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White Flight Never Ended. Today's cities may be more diverse overall, but people of different races still don’t live near each other.

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White Flight: Not Just for Cities Anymore. It's not just cities that are segregated. Introducing the "ethnoburb."

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Southern California prides itself on its rich diversity of culture and people, but this ideology is not adopted by everyone in the United States.

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Detroit, Michigan displays the results of white flight. Neighborhoods that once thrived, filled with wage-earners who took good care of their properties and ...

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As late as 1940, all but three Chicago neighborhoods had white majority populations. The exceptions were Douglas, Grand Boulevard and Washington Park, the heart of ...

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While the suburbs began to draw people out of our cities in the 1950s, Detroit’s neighborhoods and their demographics changed drastically and quickly after the 1967 ...

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