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Additional Wikijunior books are under development. All for K I D S. Wikijunior has some great books for you to read. But you can also help writing books!

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Wikijunior is part of the Wikimedia Foundation, begun on November 7th, 2004. The project is a collection of free books for children, which is being written ...

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Wikibooks (previously called Wikimedia Free Textbook Project and Wikimedia-Textbooks) is a wiki based Wikimedia project hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation for the ...

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Wikibooks Wikijunior Languages Introduction Just What Is a Language? A language is an organised, ordered way of speaking and listening. Reading and writing are a way of

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This page is about creating a recurrent character for the Wikijunior project. For actual designs, see: Wikijunior/Kiki character/Designs; About Wikijunior:A while ago ...

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Wikijunior:Solar System is a featured book on Wikibooks because it contains substantial content, it is well-formatted, and the Wikibooks community has decided to ...

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Deutsch: Wikijunior ist ein Unterprojekt Wikibooks, welches sich auf Bücher für Kinder zwischen 8 und 11 Jahren spezialistert hat.

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collection of wiki pages and source material relating to children's books. Statements. part of

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Wikijunior:Big Cats (Q19367216) From Wikidata. Jump to: navigation, search. ... dewikibooks Wikijunior Großkatzen; enwikibooks Wikijunior:Big Cats;