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Turn Windows Defender on or off - Windows Help

When Windows Defender is on, you're notified when spyware or other potentially unwanted software tries to install itself or run on your computer.

Windows Defender - Download

Windows Defender, free and safe download. Windows Defender 1593: Spyware protection for free.

Windows Defender: What Is It and How It Protects You

Learn about Windows Defender, the malware protection software that replaces Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8, on the Microsoft Security website.

Using Windows Defender - Windows Help

Learn how Windows Defender helps protect your computer against spyware and other potentially unwanted software, such as adware.

How Can I Turn On Windows Defender in Windows 8/Windows 8.1?

Windows Defender is by default turned on in both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 after the operating systems are installed on a computer, and no 3rd party system protection ...

Microsoft Internet Safety and Security Center

Welcome to the Microsoft Internet Safety and Security Center. Find tools and information about security, privacy, and safety to help protect yourself online.

Windows Defender - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Windows Defender is a software product that attempts to detect and remove malware. Initially released as an antispyware program, it was first released as a free ...

How to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8 | PCWorld

Microsoft tossed its partners a bone by allowing OEMs to deactivate Windows Defender in order to ship boxed PCs with alternative security solutions installed.

Windows Defender Antivirus Review - Tom's Guide,review-2209.html

All Windows 8 PCs come preloaded with Windows Defender, Microsoft's own antivirus software suite. It's the successor to both Microsoft Security Essentials — an ...

Windows Defender (version 1593) review - CNET

Windows Defender is free and therefore should be a part of your desktop antispyware collection.