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Wormwood (ἀψίνθιον apsinthion or ἄψινθος apsinthos in Greek), is a star or angel [1] that appears in the Book of Revelation

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Wormwood Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. WORMWOOD wurm'-wood (la'anah (Deuteronomy 29:18; Proverbs 5:4; .

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Strong fennel and wormwood hit the back of my tongue along with a dryness from the barrel and hints of citrus from the chamomile.

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Wormwoods Botanical: N.O. Compositae. Wormwood, Common; Wormwood, Roman; Wormwood, Sea. The Wormwoods are members of the great family of Compositae and belong to the ...

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Description of Plant(s) and Culture. Wormwood's woody rootstock produces many bushy stems, which grow from 2-4 feet high and bear alternate, bi- or tri ...

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Plants. Wormwood (plant), the common name for several plants, including: Various plants of the genus Artemisia, particularly: Artemisia absinthium (grande wormwood or ...

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Wormwood Description. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is a perennial that is native to Europe and parts of Africa and Asia but now grows wild in the United States.